Bridging the Gap for Ultimate Healing


Why Some People Have All the "Luck"

- and you can too!

Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie uses her Spiritual Gifts to help guide people manifest the reality of their dreams. She does this by helping them open up their awareness, raise their energetic frequency and learn to use their own Spiritual Gifts so they can continue helping themselves. As the wise proverb says, “Give a man to fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime!”

From reaching out through radio shows to working with world and business leaders, Christie has done over 10,000 personal consultations over the past 15 years. Making a difference in people’s lives has become her life’s choice, because if enough people raise their consciousness and vibration to self love and celebration, we can restore love on this planet.

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Bridging the Gap to Ultimate Healing

A generation ago, people who took supplements or ate health food were considered nutty or even weird. Doctors scoffed at vitamins.


At lot has changed since then. Fast food chains are catering to health conscious eaters, and even Walmart has an organic foods section. Bottled water is a billion dollar industry.

While we may be skeptical about the quality of a lot of what’s being sold today, there’s no question that everybody  understands the link between health and nutrition, even if they still eat junk.


In spite of this, and similar advances in exercise, fitness and “healthcare”, people seem sicker and tired-er than ever. Look at all the so called “energy drinks” that even teenagers are getting addicted to.

Something is missing...

That something is energy healing. Energy healing bridges the gap in our “conventional thinking” about health and wellness. It does so in the same way that quantum physics opens up a whole new understanding of our physical world.

You don’t have to be a physics major to benefit from energy healing. It only seems complicated or strange because it isn’t “mainstream” – yet.  The average person understands nutrition now better than most doctors did 20 or 30 years ago.


Just think about that!

Thanks to modern technology, you have easy access to this life changing information. We’re bringing you 24 top experts in the field of energy healing.




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