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Quantum Lightweaving®

Kenji Kumara

Quantum Lightweaving® is a transformational approach to spiritual well being and health, where you can help others and yourself into the Oneness, the Unified Field, the Still Point, the Zero Point, the Love Center of Creation and manifesting.

Kenji will present a 30-35 minute guided meditation and activation for releasing oneself from the limitations of tribal consciousness and limited thought. He will present a brief overview of planetary changes and what perspectives are needed for one's awakening and realization of one's power. The great shift is on and we all are on the quantum fast track to New Earth consciousness. Buckle up and buy your quantum space boots.

There will be a short sharing period after the meditation. All quantum effects are cumulative and this presentation is the ignition and catalyst that will propel you into the great unknown of miracles and self transformation. Be prepared for a unique and different experience of the Quantum.

Kenji Kumara, a Japanese-American, born in Berkeley, CA, serves as a messenger, initiator and quantum bridger between worlds. His goal is to service all those ready for their awakening and empowerment. He is a simple man with a simple message: Be the State you want the world to embrace. Love the world as you love yourself. Live by the Golden Rule. Healing and transformation is a simple and easy experience. The best medicine: hugs, smiles and laughter.

Kenji has been in the transformational healing arts since 1971. He holds Masters degrees in Education (ECE specialty) and Para Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Humanistic Psychology. He is a former PreSchool-Grade 8 credentialed teacher and has tons of certifications in energy-work, body-work, healing systems, medical hypnotherapy, trans-personal counseling, spiritual pyscho-therapeutics, and seminars training.

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