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Turning Heartache into Joy

Eram Saeed

Turning Heartache into Joy… Really? Is that possible?

Well, I believe that it is because I did just that and that is what my friend, Eram Saeed did… And here is what she says about her inspiration to assist others to do the same:

My inspiration for doing this work came from my own experiences of loss and grief and finally healing through spirituality. When I got abused and changed my life through energy work and Self awareness, I used it to help the domestic violence victims that I used to volunteer for... The affects were very profound and the results were so quick and transformational that I felt compelled to share the message with people on a much larger scale.

Today, my vision is to join with women all over the globe and heal the pain that especially women are suffering from. I have a mission to eradicate honor killings and Violations of Human Rights against women from the 3rd world countries.

Tune in to this call, as Eram and I share our journeys and how we came to breaking through a broken heart… that's right, you must break through to the next level after a broken heart… a broken heart is just another way to break down a barrier so you can step up to the next level of Joy in your life.


On this call, we will tell you about a special event that is designed to help women Heal and Shift into Joy quickly and effortlessly.  

Topics include: 


You will hear from some of the top experts in the world in the field of healing and healthy relationships. This event is like no other because we know that creating love and abundance after emotional trauma requires a multi-pronged approach. 

So we have invited experts from different fields to guide you in the process:

• POWERFUL tools to end your pain or obsessive patterns

• Get results that are faster and more permanent.

• Ancient mystic teachings combined with the cutting edge scientific

methods, giving you the best of both worlds

• Clearing love blocks will also clear your money blocks!!

• Sometimes you can feel the shift immediately!

Eram and I know that a broken heart doesn't just come from a broken marriage or relationship… a broken heart can come from any broken dream. Let us show you the way to healing your heart, your mind and your body so you can move to the next level of creating your dreams come true. The dreams that are truly aligned to You as your Higher Self.


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